Who is Niels Van Iperen?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a photo by Niels Van Iperen screams a million, and more.
Whether it’s capturing Kurt Cobain or Red Hot Chilli Peppers for the front cover of Rolling Stone, or his winning entry for the Prix de la Photographie Paris, his world-famous images have one thing in common:

Despite being stills – they are committed to telling stories that are vibrant.

Who is Niels Van Iperen?

Niels’ commercial work features in internationally renowned advertising campaigns. His multi-decade list of prestigious clients includes Coca-Cola, Huawei and Nike.

As a recognised master of technical innovation, he is currently the representative for Hasselblad, Leica and Profoto in South America.

Niels is a storyteller, technically walking a tightrope between purity and perfection. His images often remind of iconic movie stills.

A consistent leader of the artistic vanguard, Niels is constantly surfing new waves of technology with absolute mastery.

His images that once leaped off glossy pages, now sparkle on from the hi-res screens.

No small feat in this modern world where every kid with a semi-intelligent smartphone can proclaim himself a photographer.

Adventurer, crazy artist and intrepid traveller, Niels Van Iperen is currently based in Bogota, Colombia.

When not immersed in international commercial shoots, he invests his creativity in more thoughtful travel and portrait works that have featured in international exhibitions.